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The Kaido Racer Magazine Our Production Machines

The Kaido Racer Magazine Our Production Machines

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Adults who no longer find modern cars interesting are turning their attention to "vintage cars" that express the individuality unique to the Showa era, especially the modified "highway racers" that were all the rage at the time. This time, we will introduce high-level highway racers that exist in the Kansai, Shikoku, and Kyushu regions. We will introduce an overwhelming amount of nostalgic information that can only be found in this book, including machines from northern Kanto that boast an outstanding presence.

・Tokai Area★The Highway Racer Gang Gathers
・"High-So-Cars" Floating in the Bubble Economy
・Saitama Works
・Narita Racing Magical Racing
・We're All Highway Racers, Friends from Ibaraki/Chiba
・Vintage Wheel Manufacturer J-DAM
・Showa Retro Badass Modifications Fukushima/Miyagi All-Stars
・Shikoku・Passionate Men's Vintage Car Romance
・Tsuchiura Racing
・Yamanashi・Highway Racer Gang
・Tochigi・Funky Works/Tochikita Racing/Electra Racing
・Oyama Matsuri Racing Road Gang
・Tokyo★Kobayashi Family
・Kansai All-Stars
・Free Modification Theory Liberty Walk
・THE Gathering★Eve of the Festival

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