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Option September 2023

Option September 2023

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The theme of the special feature at the beginning of the September issue of Option is “Complete”. A number of prestigious complete cars such as
Tommykaira, NISMO, Autech, and STI have appeared. In addition, there are plenty of contents such as the charm of the strongest complete engine and menus from famous pro shops! The plan to enjoy the AE86 with the latest specifications is also worth reading. Enjoy the world of complete tunes that you've been longing for ! Starting with the "Special Tuning Guide," which introduces tuning machines created by leading pro shops in the eastern Japan area, Blitz's GR Corolla and RH9's GR86/BRZ computer tunes, which are fully challenged by RH9 franchises, are all worth reading.


[Envy's Strongest Package] Complete Tune

22 Orthodox Complete Cars in Japanese History   Tradition Tommykaira  

32 STI Complete Car Footprints

38 How to Buy a Custom Complete Car by KUHL

42 Suggestions from Tuning Manufacturers   Trust・GReddy Complete Car   HKS・Complete Engine & Short Block   MONSTER・Complete Engine

48 Complete engine catalog
50 State-of-the-art body tuner S design
54 Tuning shop's gem menu
  RE Amemiya・Boost pressure increase 7 series
  RASTY・AT modified MT conversion
  Garage Yawata・FD3S×Z33 6-speed MT impression
  HKS Kyushu Service・1JZ- GT modified bolt-on supercharger Autocraft
  Z#6 modified FA24 conversion project
  Jaze racing GE8
Fit complete specification 66 HKS body kit appeal
68 AE86 complete menu 5 selections
  RS YASU / Tech Art / Taniguchi Auto / Impulse / Racing House Sakai
80 CE28N-plus Impact debut
86 Gram Lights 57CR Spec D
88 RMP Racing R25 Plus
90 Tein EDFC 5
93 Pro Shop Special Tuning Guide
112 Blitz x GR Corolla Tsukuba Time Attack Plan
114 SPOON Civic Type R [FK8]
116 RH9・GR86/BRZ ECU setting
120 KTC social studies tour
128 660GT WORLD
130 I'm sorry for Akira Iida's many hobbies 
134 Excavation! OPT CAR MODEL

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