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Option September 2022

Option September 2022

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[Main content] Whether tuning or dressing up, the basic of the basics is lowering the vehicle height, commonly known as "shakotan". Any car can look cool if the vehicle height is lowered, and it can be said that it is a menu that has already been established as the first step in tuning. However, extreme Shakotan also has adverse effects such as deterioration of ride comfort and interference with the road surface. Therefore, the theme of this special feature is to pursue a low vehicle height on top of the premise of not sacrificing the performance of "driving" with options. The content starts from the machine make that is compatible with super Shakotan and running. Using the Celica XX, which is rapidly gaining popularity due to the old car boom, as a sample, we will introduce the making of it. Next, how to make Shakotan machine by car model. With a popular sports model as the theme, a shop that specializes in that model will teach you everything from selecting parts to setting techniques. In addition, I will introduce "how to determine the minimum ground clearance" that I heard at Top Secret, MCR, Jaze Racing, Kazama Auto Service, and other shops that are familiar with options. Top speed, circuit, pass, drift, and practical setting methods for each stage. In addition, "Japan's Shakotan History", "Super Lowared Exploration" that thoroughly pursues lowness, "RAUH-Welt Mr. Kei Nakai Interview" that has been sticking to Shakotan, and "JTCC machine that can be said to be the ultimate form of Shakotan that can run". It's too cool" is also a must check. In addition, the theme of the booklet appendix is ​​"help items in case of emergency". Covers specific methods of coping with troubles and accidents, examples of how to use useful tools, activities of JAF, and roadside services that can be used with voluntary insurance.

13/15/17/19 4 columns in a row 21 Option
News Headline We will be holding
a reader meeting again this year!! Making a car that can be played with from the chassis 32 [By car type] Takumi's Loward Custom Course BALANCE × ZN6/ZC6 Haratire × BNR32 MIYOSHI × FD3S&SE3P MODE PARFUME × EG6 E.PRIME × AE86 44 Glossary of difficult suspension terms 48 Road clearance with support parts 54 Determine the minimum ground clearance that is a must by TOPSECRET /J 's RACING/MCR/Kazama Auto Service 58 Try a spring rate of 100kg/mm !! Pursuing Shakotanist RAUH-Welt Kei Nakai 74 Make a difference by choosing a base car!

Daihatsu Applause /Suzuki Eri 78 JTCC machine
is too cool
This is the ultimate Shakotan that can run!! Aero Kit 92 Exhaust Master 94 Akira Iida's Ride Mono Heaven 6th Hachiroku Edition 96 Best Shot JDM 98 Imported Car Tuner Portrait 102 Man's Masterpiece Seiken Brake Fluid 104 660GT WORLD 109 Car Lover Mamine's ~Hot Breath~ 111 Edit Postscript

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