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Option October 2022

Option October 2022

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[Main contents] Japan can be said to be one of the world's leading tuning powerhouses in the sense that many users are enjoying it. This applies not only to domestic cars, but also to imported cars. This time, the special feature of this magazine is titled "Japan's Western car modification situation", and it approaches the tuning situation of European and American cars in Japan. The vehicles covered include the air-cooled and water-cooled Porsche 911, which has long been popular as a tuning base, compact systems such as Abarth 595, VW Polo GTI, and Peugeot 106, FR sports systems such as BMW and AMG, and American V8 systems such as Mustang and Dodge Challenger. , In addition, it covers a wide range of classics such as Ferrari 512BBi, 308QV, and Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300GT Junior in the supercar boom era. In addition, starting with the new series "Kitenretsu Yotahachi Making", which follows the machine make-up that transplants the components of the Suzuki Cappuccino to the Toyota Sports 800, "OPT-like NewCarWatching" examines the new Fairlady Z, the next Civic Type R, and the new Crown from various angles. In addition to the special feature, there are many other notable projects such as "Approaching Mazda's phantom V12 engine!" On the other hand, the booklet appendix has the theme of "Determine the driving position!!". There are plenty of practical tips that can be used as a reference, such as how to take the correct driving position, how to choose a seat by BRIDE, introduction of support items for driving position improvement, and position adjustment techniques that are particular about millimeters. Option October issue will be released on August 25th. Special price 1100 yen. 

CONTENTS 11/13/15/17

4 serial columns 

19 Option News Headline
"OPT JAMBOREE" is approaching!!
22 Special feature: Japanese-style Western car remodeling situation
What is the current imported car tune?
24 After all, it's a Porsche!!
I-Code/Cockpit Tatebayashi
30 Refreshing compact
J&K/Impact/TEPP Motorsports
38/72 Tuned import that made TAS lively during the column
bubble period 

40 American V8 was strong in Yatabe TFR/AJITO/ Revolfe SA/AGENT 

54 PARTS for Imported Cars by Domestic Tuning Manufacturer 

56 FR Sports Benchmark Assist/ Moontech 

60 Enjoying Sporty FF Shadow in the Knack Yard 

62 ATTACK Tsukuba's Machine Check

 64 Old Car Rest Mod Office Tomitak/84 base 

74 ECU Unleash your true potential Pentruf

78 Discovery of a prelude to a comeback, Schnitzer BMW 320i Gr . Challenge
84 Fujita Engineering 40th Anniversary Event
85 All Hachiroku Fan Meeting 2022
86 Dai Goes!! RETRO HAVOC CAR SHOW 88 Car
Shop LEAD Power Check Contest
90 New Car Watching Trust has already delivered the new Fairlady Z New Civic Type R Prospect by SPOON Crown , is that okay !? Best Shot JDM 114 Akira Iida's Ride Mono Heaven 7th Silvia Edition 118 660GT WORLD 121 Car Lover Maminee ~Hot Breath~ 122 Exclusive Coverage: Approaching Mazda's V12 Engine!! 127 Editor 's Note

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