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Option May 2024

Option May 2024

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The most standard body shape for automobiles is the sedan. There are quite a few models that emphasize sportiness, but the majority are also characterized by high comfort and practicality. But what if a utility-type four-door sedan showed off its speed on par with a sports car? It's truly unparalleled!! That's the real thrill of sedan tuning! That's why we're starting a special feature on tuned sedans featuring a variety of old and new models!!


Special Feature: Paranoid Tuned Sedan

18 Its appearance was shocking!!  JZS147 × Seed Racing DB8 × Aslan JB15 × Pit Road M

30 That one car that stays in your memory

32 After all, it’s SKYLINE  ER34 × Shaft/Eurus/Okubo Factory  S54 × Lewis Garage & Power Master Ichikawa  RV37 × Phoenix Power

52 R34 SKYLINE Buyer’s Guide

54 Bubble Nissan's first star  HG50/G50 Comparison test drive

58 This is Mazda's path  LA33S/HBSN2/HC3S/BJ5P modified

64 TOYOTA sports sedan's trick  JZS161 & GRS214 × J&K  USE30 × Remus


74 N.O.- SYO talks about “sedan love”

76 The peak of active duty!! Old car Drifters  GC10/AE70/GX71

84 Fun sedan at an old car shop  C35 x Revive Jalopy

88 Circuit driven by young people SPEC  CL1/GDB/RV37 Special

106 SPOON Collection 2024 Report

107 Attack TSUKUBA 2024


120 Advan Racing equipped machine special photo session

124 R34 Festival Column 95 Hiromune Sano “Turning Point ~Current state of the automobile industry~” 97 Tatsuya Tanaka “German car life: The option of importing a car” gular 100 BLITZ × GR COROLLA Tsukuba Time Attack Plan 102 Battle Mode D The Strongest Legend of Competition Drifting Machines 130 N-TEC Yaris Reiwa Idaten SPL!!

132 Top Fuel GR86 Super Street Ver.

134 660GT WORLD


143 Editor's Note

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