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Forever Style

Option May 2023

Option May 2023

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[Main contents] The theme of the opening feature is the modification theory of the 4-cylinder sports model. Information on the latest models equipped with FA24, K14C, and K20C, as well as craftsmanship that draws out the appeal of out-of-print machines that boast unfading popularity and ability is a must-see! In addition to the chronology of domestically produced 4-cylinder engines, the story of the strongest 4-cylinder engine in history, the maximum speed test limited to the NA specification of GR86/BRZ, the 4-cylinder time attacker who made a great leap at Attack Tsukuba, NOB Taniguchi's Latin Topics such as impressions of hot machines are taken up, all over the world, all over the world. In addition, in the second special feature, we will focus on the latest models announced at the Tokyo Auto Salon "Wheel Trend First Generation Survey". While approaching the sports wheel trends of [Deep Rim] and [Focus on Color], we will also check out the [Reprint Model] that wheel manufacturers are working on.


22 State-of-the-art 4-shot remodeling theory from parts maker [HKS x FA24] [TRUST x K14C]

30 Powered by Honda [SPOON / CIVIC TYPE R new and old confrontation] [Attraction of K-type swap told by ASLAN] [Daddy Motor Works・BMW 2002 modified F20C + 6-speed MT]

40 Sports 4-cylinder engine chronology

44/66 4-cylinder equipped model that is not different from others

46 Modern basic performance for old cars TEC-ART'S ECO Hachi

50 Takumi's answer Super Fine spec
[EJ20 Kondo Engineering] [4G63/G-FORCE] [F20/22C/ARVOU] [SR20DET/TOP FUEL] 
58 Featured Gems Artec Stainless Cast EX Mani
60 Attack Tsukuba 4-Cylinder Machine Great Leap Forward
68 GR86/BRZ Maximum Speed ​​TEST
76 JB-DET Meister Koji Left Taker approaching
78 NOB Taniguchi cuts the Latin hot machine! [Abarth 595/Megane R.S./Alpine A110S]
84 The strongest 4-cylinder engine in history
[F1 BMW 1.5 liter turbo power]
93 Wheel trend simultaneous survey
104 Wheel aesthetics of unique owners @KRC Japan
112 Reprinted wheels that are fascinated by the style of yesteryear
116 Scratch repair techniques seen in pro shops from Symboli
125 660GT WORLD
130 Iida Akira's many hobbies 💦
132 Kakimoto Kai・Master of Exhaust
134 Strange Fierce Yotahachi Making
141 Editor's Postscript

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