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Option August 2023

Option August 2023

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[Main contents] Optional August issue is expanded with increased volume of this magazine and a booklet appendix! The opening feature is "Second generation GT-R". It is a famous car that Japan boasts to the world, and although there is a strong desire to preserve it now, the GT-R is a machine only when it is tuned and run. Therefore, in the special feature, we will deliver a lot of tuning and maintenance information for the second generation GT-R! Introducing a "one-of-a-kind car" made by a long-established tuning shop, cutting-edge HKS tuning techniques, the latest information on overhauls and ECU settings, body and chassis refresh techniques, GT-R from the perspective of rival machines, and more. We approach the charm of the second generation GT-R. Furthermore, in the August issue, titled "86/BRZ Special", "Introduction of Selected General Election Entry Machines" and "Second Top Speed ​​Test" were introduced. In addition, the "Special Tuning Guide", which introduces tuning machines made by leading pro shops in the western Japan area, is also worth reading. 


 [Second-generation ideals and reality] Skyline GT-R 24/42/62 GT-R History 

26 One of R Meister's whole body (BNR32)   Kansai Service / Autech Tsukada /   Garage Yawata / West Sports 

34 HKS style RB26DETT tune Frontline 

38 RB26 Overhaul Latest Information by Kansai Service 

40/60/80 Second Generation Rivals

44 R Meister's whole body (BCNR33)
  Phoenix Power / Garage Zaurus
  Auto Select / Top Secret
52 Power of full control by Impact
54 Balance of ease of handling and speed by Reverse
56 Ability of imported parts for RB26DETT
64 R Meister whole body One of (BNR34) v Mine's/MCR/Arttech Hanatsuka
70 Base chassis damage check by Active
72 Body regeneration plan by Garage Yoshida
74 Smart buying and selling by Global Auto 76 Enjoy
drug specification by Kuruuchi
78 ER34 Kai GT-R2WD Specifications by Esprit
82 Reality of GT-R owners in their 20s
84 R Tuner's Voice
v 90 86/BRZ Selection General Election Entry Machine
97 GR86/BRZ Highest Speed ​​Test
108 KUHL & VRARVA Great Appreciation Off-line Meeting REPORT
116 Special from Pro Shop Tuning Guide
136 KR CUSCO Racing GR All About Corolla
140 Civic Type R [FL5] Top Speed ​​Test
17 Hiromune Sano “Turning Point – The Present State of the Automobile Industry”
19 Tatsuya Tanaka “Life in German Cars: Choices of Imported Cars”
135 Car Lover Mami-nee’s “Hot Breath”
146 660GT WORLD
148 Akira Iida
152 Excavation ! OPT CAR MODEL

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