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Option January 2023

Option January 2023

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Shipment of these option magazines came slightly scuffed and scratched up due to the rubber bands. Price has been adjusted due to damage. 

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"Maximum speed" is regarded as one of the indicators to measure the ability of a tuning car. Unlike Zeroyon and time attack on the circuit, there are few elements that are influenced by the skill of the driver, and it is said that the ability of the tuning car can be conveyed in a more accurate and easy-to-understand manner for readers. I've been sticking to "high speed". It is no exaggeration to say that this month's issue is about the history of options. First of all, the "high-speed circuit" edition introduces the state of the highest speed test conducted in Japan, such as the JARI (Japan Automobile Research Institute) Yatabe high-speed circuit, the brake manufacturer Akebono test course, and Wakamu Hokkaido. In addition, we will also approach the domestic tuning car that hit Nardo, a huge high-speed circuit in Italy with a lap of 12km. On the other hand, in the "Street" edition, Mr. Okawa, a former trust executive, talks about the Tomei race, which was exciting in the early days of tuning in Japan, and New Zealand's fastest attack, which was contested on a special course that closed public roads, and the Silver States Classic in the United States. A report on the situation at the time when I entered an event such as a challenge. In addition, Mr. Abe of Jindaiji Motor (former Blitz) who challenged the highest speed on the German autobahn and Mr. Nagata of Top Secret will look back on those days. Also included is a record of all 53 cars measured by Ono Bit Corps, which gained popularity as an optional specialty project.

In addition, we will develop how to find the maximum speed by calculation, the maximum speed of the fastest tuning car machine on the main circuit, and the maximum speed comparison from humans to rockets in a genreless manner. The appendix booklet introduces techniques and items to keep your car clean, "Exhilarating !! Pika Pika Car Wash Technique". This is something that can be put into practice immediately.

3 Column 4 in a Row
11 Table of Contents
12 Feature ─ Easy to understand ─ Maximum Speed ​​History
14 JARI Yatabe Maximum Speed ​​Test
22 What are the “Top Speed ​​​​Top Three”?
26 JARI is not the only high-speed circuit
30 Challenge Nardo, Italy
34 Top-speed mechanism
36 Bonnellville Speed ​​Week, USA 44
Story of speed "feeling"
46 Bit Ono team goes!!
Relationship between time and final speed
56 Tomei race started
60 Hot Metropolitan Expressway Wangan Route
62 Domestically tuned German autobahn
68 Non-genre, let's compare top speed
70 New Zealand top speed attack
74 America Silver States Classic Challenge
78 Ando Top domestic circuit seen in Evo
81 Pass Super Attack in Haruna
82 OPT Caravan in Autopolis
84 RZ34 Wheel Matching
88 LEAD Power Check Competition
90 GR86 Aero Kit
92 Works Tuning Group Joint Test Ride Event
94 Hongqi H9 “Wencheng” Tuning Plan
96 Super Drag Festival
98 Exhaust Master
100 Imported Car Portrait of a Tuner
104 Man's Gem
106 The Making of Strange Yotahachi
108 Best Shot JDM
110 Akira Iida's Ride Mono Heaven
112 660GT WORLD
115 Drift Heaven Announcement
117 Car Lover Mamine's ─Hot Breath ─
119 Editor 's Note
120 Back Cover
121 Special Supplement Refreshing !! Shiny car wash technique

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