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Option December 2022

Option December 2022

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[Main content] In the special feature of the December issue of Option, "Fly out Heisei Heroes", we will focus on cars in the early Heisei period, when the new car industry was the most exciting in the history of Japanese automobiles. The Eunos Cosmo 20B Type S and Alcyone SVX Version L, which were only released in those days, were the "East and West Yokozuna", with unique rear midship cars, all-time popular FR cars, and high power performance. A sporty sedan, a full-time 4WD vehicle that has greatly evolved Japanese tuning, and a premium sedan that has competed on the world stage are introduced by theme. In addition, "On the STREET 90's", which looks back on the excitement of the street stage that was exciting in the 1990s, is also posted. The Metropolitan Expressway Inner Circular Route, Toda & Fuchu Zeroyon, Metropolitan Expressway Wangan Line High Speed, and Hanshin Expressway Circular Route will be taken up. In addition, we will look back on "that time" from various perspectives, such as the V6 engine considerations that each manufacturer spewed out in the early Heisei period, and the roundtable discussion of VTEC riders in their 20s. This month's issue also comes with a special option sticker. It is a special sticker designed exclusively for the appendix of this magazine and can only be obtained by purchasing the optional December issue. On the other hand, the theme of the booklet appendix is ​​"Do It Yourself". It is a practical content that introduces the procedure for installing tuning parts by yourself with pictures in an easy-to-understand manner.


17/19/21/23 4 consecutive columns Special feature: Jump out Heisei Heroes 24 Miracle created by the bubble ~The missing specialty coupe~

30 Harmony over the back ~Solitary rear midship~
38/52/76/88 On the STREET 90's
Metropolitan Expressway Circular Route/Street Zeroyon/Wangan Expressway/Hanshin Expressway Circular Route
40 The unwavering classic ~FR sports that are always popular~
54 Choices for insiders ~ Putting sports cars to shame power performance ~
62 What was that "V6 fever"?
64 Overwhelming traction performance ~ The world opened up by high-power 4WD ~
70 Genealogy of Honda Type R ~ Red badge special model ~
78 Claims of Honda VTEC riders in their 20s
84 World standard quality ~ Challenge of manufacturing powerhouse Japan ~
90 Special Shop Guide
97 Sayaka Shimoda's Life is Challenge
98 "OPT JAMBOREE" Report
104 Master of Exhaust
106 Akira Iida's Ride Mono Heaven 9th Corolla Van Edition
108 Man's Gem Nevadal x Mothers
110 Portrait of an Imported Car Tuner
114 Strange Yotahachi Making
116 Best Shot JDM
118 660GT WORLD
120 ND Roadster Kai 2 Liter Spec by LEG MOTORSPORT
122 GR86 Aero Kit by AIMGAIN
125 Car Lover Mamine's ~Hot Breath~
127 Editor's Note

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