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Hachimaru Hero Vol.78 July 2023

Hachimaru Hero Vol.78 July 2023

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The opening feature is the Hachimaru girls' party collection, which is a very popular project.

Introducing the female owner of Hachimaru car. At the center is
the women's area registered owner newly established from Hachimaru Meeting 2022.
This time, there are quite a variety of female owners, so please look forward to it.

The second feature is a maniac car selected by the editorial department, which also became a hot topic.
Sierra RS Cosworth, Familia Interplay, Cynos β, Mira TR-XX special edition cars, etc. If you have been
associated with this magazine for many years, this is a lineup that will please you with "This is the hentai magazine Hachimaru Hero". Of course, information on "Hachimaru Meeting 2023 West Japan in Himesen" to be held on Sunday, July 2, and information on the start date of entry for "Hachimaru Meeting 2023 East Japan in FSW" scheduled to be held on November 3 (Friday). Also posted. This issue is also finished in one book that you can not miss.
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