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Forever Style

G-Works November 2021

G-Works November 2021

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[Main contents]
ride because it is now in TUNED CAR !!
RE Amemiya "3 rotor rain san Crossed"

introduce the state of the work of assembling the 20B peripheral port engine!
FD3S of a vehicle equipped with the RE Amemiya booth next year's Tokyo Auto Salon It is a serious machine that will be exhibited and aim to update the time attack record in 2022!

Bad Boys Sada "Satachare !!"
Sada of Laurel love who is familiar on YouTube challenges !!

Produced by Kanagawa Round Engineering
RB2.8 Kai in S130Z DOHC Turbo 700ps

Kyushu・ Star Shark Wheels gathered in Oita Ride the

80's car !! [City Turbo]
Special car gem story [MR-2]

Works specification Carol

■ Exquisite carburetor "Emulsion tube"
Garage Morimura style OER cab tune
■ Nowadays Hachiroku Tune trends and countermeasures
Garage Infinity
■ Michinoku
old car
■ Irima old car ■
Do car high and short ride respect ■ This is my old road (life of car lover)
[Ibaraki, Nojima and Hachiroku]
■ 80's car discovery
[1983 HONDA City Turbo]

■ Next-generation long-life coolant for old cars
■ B110 Sunny ride goes the old car meeting
■ Bills Kanazawa Nagareashi around the course
■ Hakosuka 4 rotor plan
■ for ride fun in the old car "basic knowledge"
■ privateer Hundred Tales - Miyagi · SRL311 ed ~
■ of my city Car pride Chiba / Wakaba Ward
■ Always fully open !! Sabroku Club
■ Research on car fuel
■ Suzuki Biki goes !! Visiting my town
■ Maintenance of old cars
■ Machine setting of Mitsuhiro Kinoshita
■ Really
professional I want to hear the story
Eiichi Ito / Shinichiro Yokota / Norihito Yamazaki / Kazumasa Nemoto
and many more ♪
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