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G-Works May 2023

G-Works May 2023

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  • G-Works May 2023
  • Condition: Like new.
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[Main content] Kenmeri's suspension 10 months old car's suspension is equipped with modern tires, and when you lower the vehicle height, the ride becomes less comfortable...This is especially noticeable on the Kenmeri. Improving Kenmeri's legs!! First in Japan!! Disassembly of 6 rotors Anniversary racing was the first in Japan to assemble 6 rotors and start an engine. I was thinking of buying castors to make the V35 Skyline look like the R35 GT-R by disassembling the 6 rotors and inspecting each part, but if I was going to drive it anyway, I wanted it to be a cool car!!And it was cheap!!I bought a cheap V35 car , I made it myself one by one.

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