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G-Works July 2023

G-Works July 2023

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[Main contents] Which is Hakosuka and Bluebird 4 doors or 2 doors? Skyline Hakosuka hardtop 2 doors and sedan 4 doors. 510 Bluebird Sedan 4-door and 811 Bluebird 2-door are now available. This corner focuses on old car Susumu Parts - Dry Sump Unit - Parts designed and manufactured with modern technology. Introducing the dry sump unit, praise this wonderful old car! Honda NSX this time. Introducing the early/late grade, what is the current situation if you buy it? In addition to introducing the voices of specialty shops and owners, Jun-chan's Hakosuka, which was used in the movie Shakotan Boogie, will also appear . !!

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