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G-Works January 2023

G-Works January 2023

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  • G-Works January 2023
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[Main content] 1 Fairlady Z S31 L type vs RB type One of the charms of old cars is the "high degree of freedom in modification." Using this, we create a machine that specializes in running. The engines are L28 and RB26DETT. So, how are they finished? 2 Old car "Susumu" parts Kameari Engine Works uses the latest designs, latest equipment, and recent materials to create special parts for old cars!!The quality is high. What's surprising is... 3 Isamu from SARD damper old car shop, Star Road, top aftermarket manufacturer SARD, and Aisin, which designs the latest mechanisms and manufactures genuine high quality parts. The three collaborate to produce special parts for old cars.

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