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G-Works February 2023

G-Works February 2023

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  • G-Works February 2023
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February 2023 Issue 21st Century Ultimate Car Modification Book!! Mary's coming day Ken Merri and Yommari features this Ken and Mary skyline as a huge feature. Not only is it introduced to the unique Kenmari and Yommeri, but it also has a lot of matching R specifications and chin spoils. This time is a surprise! When Kenmari was released, Merry has appeared in TV CM for the first 40 years of emergency. Exclusive G-Works Coverage & Adhesion While introducing visitors from the United States to Japan, the Tokyo spectacle scenes and other scenes of reignited Kenmari and Yommari are popular in Japan. Unlike the appearance and ride of old vehicles, cars of this age were sandwiched between the 70s and 90s, there are many cars that are full of running and equipment. Among them, we pick up the Mitsubishi Stalion, Mazda RX-7 FC3S, Toyota Celica XX, Skyline GTS-R, etc. Introducing the unique car body, engine, and diversion of the particular swaps, and exporting parts. The Bad Boys Laurel SGX from the Bad Boys Laurel Soda is a collaboration project for optional video (street legal). Mr. Yoshimoto Geishi and Bad Boys, Sada, who purchased the Butake Laurel C130 that was dreamed of and explore the stories they ride in. The story of how it comes comes to you! Even celebrities who love cars, we will be introduced as part of old cars. Others, the entire appearance of the new turbine, Fukushima drag, Telecommunication lector, Sanmar-kun No. 2 and Kiyoshi-kun, Privator Hatiloku Road, and the other issue of the month will be able to read at a time of the year.

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