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G-WORKS Archive Vol.9 Everyone's Saburo / Light Car

G-WORKS Archive Vol.9 Everyone's Saburo / Light Car

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[Main contents] Collect and edit the pages of Saburoku / light four-wheeled vehicles that decorate the monthly G-Works magazine. Subaru 360, R-2, Suzuki Fronte/Cervo/Alto, Mazda Carol, Honda Life/N360, etc. are all posted. In addition, carefully selected articles such as a page that cuts the Solex cab and publishes it in an easy-to-understand manner, Keihin FCR, spark plug test articles, etc. are compiled into one volume. A one-of-a - kind mook where you can see only your favorite Saburoku / light four- wheeled old car!! Don't miss this content!! Enjoy the circuit with a compact old car

19 Approaching the performance of Keihin FCR 1

23 Lightweight FR with circuit specifications !!

42 Saburoku Club Honda LN?360

46 Saburoku Club Mazda Porter Van Deluxe

50 What is WPC?

52 Saburoku Club Subaru R-2GL

56 Saburoku Club Mazda Carol Deluxe

60 Saburoku Club Mazda Porter Van Deluxe
64 Saburoku Club Honda N360
68 Saburoku Club Mitsubishi Minica '70 Super Deluxe
72 Saburoku Club Subaru R-2 High Deluxe
76 Saburoku Club Mitsubishi Minica Skipper L/L
80 Saburoku Club Suzuki Fronte Coupe
84 Saburoku Club Subaru R-2 Deluxe
88 Saburoku Club Honda LN?360 Deluxe
92 All about face transplant
93 SOLEX basic structure seen in cut model
98 Privateer Hyakumonogatari Fronte Coupe Edition
106 Spark plug experiment corner! 108
I tried “Hanasaki or G”!
115 Car Boasting in My Town Nagano Edition (Top) / Hyogo Edition (Bottom)
116 Saburoku Club Subaru 360 Custom Deluxe
120 Saburoku Club Mazda Porter Cab
124 Saburoku Club Honda Life Pickup
128 Car Boasting in My Town Yamagata Edition
129 My Street car pride Ehime edition

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