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Drift Tengoku May 2023

Drift Tengoku May 2023

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A new history has been carved in Nikko! The largest tourer V operation in history NIKKO TOURER MEETINGSpeaking of a large event for tourer V riders, it is the 1JZ meeting held at Fuji SW, but the “drift event for tourer V riders” on a scale that is not inferior to that is the sacred place of Kanto drift. It was held at Nikko Circuit. 00 cars were entered in the drift category and 00 cars were entered in the dress-up category, and it was an unprecedented attempt to solicit entries by dividing driving classes by vehicle type, especially the Mark II, Chaser, and Cresta. This wasn't likely to happen, and the number one car by car type is determined to burn! Overthrow the JZ Army! Penetrate Nissan direct 6 principle! RB25DET step-up example RB25 / RB25 modified / RB26 Although it seems to be pushed by the strong and powerful JZ engine, if you say 6 shots, you can't forget Nissan's RB engine installed in Skyline and Laurel. The 3 Bears Factory regulars that we are featuring this time are dedicated riders who enjoy driving events. Let's take a look at the actual conditions of the RB engine's run meeting specifications through their favorite cars! How far does "from school dori" pass? D1 Lights opening game Dori Ten Oshi Men's success report

The D1 Lights series has started again this year. Of course, Dori Ten focused on Gakudori OB. 7 out of 48 people participated in Meihan Sportsland, which was the stage. The return of Yoneuchi-kun, who was second in the series in 2020, is attracting attention even if he's not a fan of Gakudori. Kakujitsu. We already know the results, but let's take a look back at their first match of the season to keep an eye on!

1 Cover
2 D-WAVE Heymen develops a knuckle for NC Roadster!
4 D-WAVE D Friends Hirashima talks about his current state of mind
9 Contents
10 The biggest tourer V operation in history
18 Heavy rain SR joint dangerous act legend
25 DRIFTING PARTS Imported Parts Dismantling New Book
31 CAR MAKING RB25DET Step-Up Example
38 R34 Designation R34 Skyline Festival 023
43 Full Counter Club
48 Sabamas Diary
50 Driving Event Schedule
54 Winners Circle
57 Back Number 58 Editor's Note
59 How Far Can a “Gakudori” Come From
72 SHOT in the PADDOCK
78 Formula D Communication
80 Dripa Market

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