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Drift Tengoku March 2023

Drift Tengoku March 2023

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[Main contents]

Kanto Kokuto Kassen KANTO ALL STAR DRIFT GP 2022


1 Cover

2 D-WAVE Lexus RC Summit Battle in Mobara Twin

6 D-WAVE Women win the Kanto All Star Drift GP!

9 BLACK MARK Kazuki Konabe [Liberty]

11 Contents

12 Kanto Glider Warrior Directory KANTO ALL STAR DRIFT GP 2022

25 Noteworthy overseas parts commentary PGS R154 Reinforced Dog Gear Set

28 Yonai NewD1 Lights 180SX 2-year restoration record (next notice)

31 Makuhari Front, Abnormal! Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 Observations

38 Minsou Yamaguchi Ichi Final 2022

43 Full Counter Club

48 East and West Circuit Fresh News "Mackerel Trout Diary"

50 Driving Schedule

54 Nationwide Free Practice Guide


58 Editor's Postscript


62 Japan-Germany Joint There is an anomaly on the front line! How to make a Japanese-style drift car with BMW Z4 E89 + VQ35DE modified

66 E86 + 2JZ-GTE modified

68 SHOT in the PADDOCK

73 Loading car heaven
76 Formula D Communication
78 Driver Market
84 Option Announcement

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