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Drift Tengoku June 2022

Drift Tengoku June 2022

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[Main contents] Todoroki ! Increasingly introduced to anti-lag driving event specifications! Uncovering the actual situation of the equipped car ! Drift movie masterpiece ALIVE HOON 180SX practiced! Carbon roof replacement digest Bikita Daisetsu Ultra Gruber driving event May-July driving event information 90 CONTENTS 1 Cover 2 Immediately before the release of the movie Alive Hoon 4 GR86 is a perfect win in the opening game of D1GP 8 H1 QUALITY [OGAWA × JZX100 & KOH-chan × RPS13] 11 BLACK MARK [NANAME Yoko G Shinichi Okita] 13 Table of Contents 14 Choice to put SR20DET on Reiwa's new standard 86 for drift car make 16 Choice to seriously drift with complete air suspension 18 The number of driving event specifications is increasing! Todoroki! Antilag 27 86 & BRZ Owner White Paper 33 Full Counter Club 36 East-West Circuit Freshly caught news "Sabamas Diary"

38 Winners Circle
41 Urgur Run in Bihoku Highland
48 Slide [DELTA Premium Garage Yamaguchi Premium DAY]
52 Local Dori-con [3rd 215 Cup in Mobara Twin]
55 Running Schedule
60 National Free Driving Guide
63 Option Announcement
66 Editor 's Note
70 Driva Market
76 Kawabata 180SX Carbon Sunroof Installation Digest
80 Forefront of Imported Parts [KW ST Suspension]
83 Loaded Vehicle Heaven in Bihoku Highland
85 Ai Onchu!
Revival 180SX]
88 SHOT in the PADOCK
94 Formula D communication

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