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Drift Tengoku July 2023

Drift Tengoku July 2023

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[Main contents] V-type engine supremacy battle


 1 Cover

 2 D-WAVE Naoki Nakamura's second son, circuit debut!

 4 D-WAVE The WRC champion participates in Formula D Japan!

 6 D-WAVE A circuit explodes in Yubari, Hokkaido! 

11 Gakudori 2023 date decided! 

13 Table of Contents 

14 Toyota vs Nissan New-generation V-type engine supremacy battle 2nd TN exchange race 

25 Behind the scenes of D1GP opening round

 31 DORIDORI 2023 Dorten Award 

32 Migaki Cresta [GX71] 

34 Shiraki 180SX [RPS13] 

36 Takayanagi Silvia [PS13] 

39 Option Announcement 

40 Slide KASSHA! 

45 Full Counter Club 

48 East-West Circuit Freshly Caught News "Saba-Nu Diary" 

50 Winners' Circle 52 Driving Event Schedule 

56 Nationwide Free Practice Guide


60 Editor's Note


64 Driba Market 

70 Battle Wheel BATTLE WHEEL 

73 Soreuke Silvia Diary
80 SHOT in the PADDOCK
86 Formula D communication

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