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Drift Tengoku January 2024

Drift Tengoku January 2024

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[Main contents]

 Thorough analysis of VQ driving car making 


1 Cover 

2 D-WAVE Ultimate GR8 look! Combine ZN8 frame with ZN6! 

4 How the 86 dashboard suits the D-WAVE 180SX 

7 BLACK MARK Tomoaki Oyama 

9 Table of Contents 

10 The sign is VQ Thorough analysis of the making of the Nissan V-type driving car 

23 Thorough investigation of the 55 cars participating in VQDM How to make a fun VQ driving car 

29 The next mainstay Fighter 86/BRZ front line deployment

 36 sketch! KASSHA! 

41 Full Counter Club

 44 East-West Circuit Freshly Caught News "Enu Sabamas Diary" 

47 Driving Event Schedule

 50 Winner's Circle

 52 National Free Driving Guide 

55 INFORMATION 56 Editor's Note 

57 D STATION 60 Drippa Market 

66 Wheel Frontline

 68 Option Announcement 

69 Drift heaven BASE SHOP 

71 Loaded car heaven 

72 SHOT in the PADDOCK 

78 Enukore


 82 Formula D communication

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