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Option February 2023

Option February 2023

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[Main contents] This special feature is the second edition of the old Maniacs car following the August 2022 issue. We will take up the tuning car of a domestic car that appeared from the late 1980s to the mid-1990s and has become popular here. Let's start with a Nissan car that has a strong fan base. The Skyline RS Kai Turbo C specification with the latest technology and parts, the Infiniti Q45 drift specification replaced with a 5-speed MT, and the street-tuned model with the motif of the Group 5 machine (Super Silhouette). In addition, we will also introduce the new and old Fairlady Z Zero Yong confrontation, the phantom twin cam heads revived in modern times, OS Giken TC16 and TC24-B1Z. On the other hand, Toyota vehicles have a close-up of the 4A-G equipped model. This special feature also focuses on things other than Hachiroku. In addition, unexpected tuning cars such as a comfort training car converted to 3S-GTE will also appear. In addition, don't miss the reading plan such as the RB26 engine displacement history, the one-generation car model record, the soliloquy of the digipane maniac, and the truth about the Z31 300ZX. The special feature in the booklet appendix is ​​the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 highlight guide, which is less than a month away. In December, we will directly hit the tuning manufacturers and shops that are in the process of developing exhibited vehicles and parts, and deliver advance information. If you read this and head to Makuhari Messe, there is no doubt that the fun will double. Option February issue will be released on December 26th. 


14/17/18/21 4 series columns special feature: Coming Kitemasu Maniacs old car

26 After all, it's Nissan!!
28 Komatsu Motors DR30/Skyline RS Kai Turbo C Spec
30 Kazama Auto HG50/Infiniti Q45 Drift Spec
34 Old and New Zero Yon Showdown/S30vsS130vsRZ34
38 Kitakyushu R30 Mania
42 OS Giken TC Series
46 Show Me Your DR30
48 Column: RB26 Displacement Increase History
50 The world of 4A-G that is not Hachiroku 58 The history of 4A -
G transitions that can not be heard now
60 Resurrection!? Toyota 4 FR turbo

Old car parts are hot! GC210vsR30, SA22CvsFC3S

74 One car's passion!! Why I fell in love with this guy

86 Column: The monologue of a digipane maniac

88 Mitsubishi Maniax Pit Road M Z16A/Kansai Service A175A Kai Racing House Sakai A187A Kai

94 1988 Z31 Fairlady Z 300ZX 2by2 Truth

96 I recommend this one!! by OPT editorial staff

98 Shop guide 100 STF 3D molding parts production

102 TEIN EDFC5 test drive event 103 HOTY 10th anniversary all-star game held
104 OPT2022 cover story collection
107 Sayaka Shimoda Column
108 Master of Exhaust
110 Akira Iida's Riding Monoten 11th: Fishing Boat Edition
112 The Making of Strange Yotahachi
108 Portrait of an Imported Car Tuner
114 Men's Gem Tom's Outdoor Coffee Set
116 Best Shot JDM
118 K Specs 90 Supra
120 660GT WORLD
126 Car Lover Mamine's ~Hot Breath~
127 Editor 's Note

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