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Drift Tengoku August 2023

Drift Tengoku August 2023

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Condition: My last copy of this issue is scuffed and dirty up front but the issue isn't bent or anything. Thus I have put the issue for half off than normal. 




Now, the young people who should see it now


 1 Cover

 2 D-WAVE Volk Racing CE28N-plus is born! 

4 D-WAVE Shikoku runners are advancing to Kanto! 

7 Table of Contents

 8 The next-generation heroes of the Chubu region who aim to rise above the ranks D1GP Tetsuya Kume × FDJ Shuichi Mano

 18 Option / ULTIMATE 660GT WORLD Announcement 

19 Respect the style of the 90-00s street heyday! Treasure of the time 

25 Full-fledged event tent Competitive team field survey 

28 Going with Uncle Serena Unexpected trip to Malaysia 

31 Cool runner team heaven K's LEGEND 

38 Unexpected masoons 1 JZ Silvia & RB25 Silvia 2 Stand 

42 Smooth KASSHA! 

45 Full Counter Club 

48 East and West Circuit Freshly Caught News "Mackerel Trout Diary"

 50 Winners Circle 

52 Driving Event Schedule

 56 Nationwide Free Practice Guide


60 Editor's Note


64 Unexpected Mason Aluminum Exterior R32 Skyline 

66 Driba Market
74 Imported Parts Kaitai Shinsho
76 Automa Drift Promotion Committee 2PD Bros.
79 Aiwonchu!
80 SHOT in the PADDOCK
86 Formula D Communication

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